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We’d love to hear about your Salesforce challenges, we’re specialists in custom coding, integration with existing systems, reporting and support on existing systems – basically your one stop shop for anything Salesforce related.

Frequently Asked Questions


When can you meet us?

I’m hoping if you’re here, you’re a Brisbane business, if so we can fit into your schedule and visit you this week, alternatively you’re welcome to stop in at our office at a time that suits (we have Brisbane’s best coffee nearby). 

How quickly can you get us setup?

In as little as 7-14 days after contracts have been signed. This obviously depends on the size of your organisation and the complexity of the integrations required to get you up and running. We can be more specific once we’ve met and taken the scope of the system setup.

Who should come to Salesforce meetings?

Your decision makers, users/stakeholders that are familiar with your internal processes and IT that has access to any of your internal data that may be needed to setup your new organisation.

How users are differentiated in salesforce?

Users are differentiated by creating their own individual profiles in salesforce. Each profile defines the level of access in salesforce organization for that user.

What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a copy  for production environment which is used  to test newly developed  visualforce pages or any application.

How much downtime does Salesforce have?

In the last 5 years experience using Salesforce I’ve experienced no unscheduled outages (scheduled outages are late night affairs that don’t impact everyday customers). 

Which database architecture salesforce is based?

Salesforce is based on multi-tanant architecture. The single copy of database is shared with multiple users or client.

What's the difference between a Trigger and Workflow?

Workflow is automatically get fired on an action based on evaluation criteria or rule while Trigger is not used for validation but it will get executed on or  after the record is inserted or updated.